Meet The Farmers

Our Secret Ingredient

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Akihiro 'Akky' Kita is the head farmer at our Matcha farm. He discovered his love for this delicious powdered tea when working as a farmhand in Wazuka, Japan - and the second he left college, he decided to devote his life to mastering the intricate art of tea farming. 

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In the small town of Naharkatia, on the upper bank of the Brahmaputra river valley in Assam, is a small farm. There, nestled between the wilderness of Arunachal Pradesh and the mountains of Burma, live two tea farmers: Mr and Mrs Borah. They produce the wonderful Prithivi black tea for our blends.

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Yu Pu fought against all odds to reclaim her life after a devastating divorce, and has changed the lives of many other incredible women along the way. Her Broken Silver tea is the most delicious Pu'erh that we have ever tried, and her passion and talent for the local wild tea trees is evident in this brew.

Our Genmaicha is grown by an incredible family of revolutionaries. Against the distrust and stigma that came from being the first organic tea farm in the village, they have broken all the rules to create this marvellous, mouthwatering green tea.

Black Pepper, Cloves, Nutmeg, Cassia Cinnamon, Ceylon Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger, Carob Molasses, Coriander

Our spice farmers all live on teeny-tiny plots of land in Indonesia, Zanzibar, India, and Lebanon. They are the real talent behind our Sticky Chai, Vegan Sticky Chai, and Welsh Cake teas, and we appreciate the incredible amount of work that they put into cultivating the most delicious spices on the planet.

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Matcha Garden Maintenance

Sencha and Hojicha are our two wonderful little weeding goats! They work on the gardens where we get our matcha, and help to keep the land clean from weeds, the staff entertained (especially with their crazy yoga poses!), and scare away any predators away from the precious tea leaves. 

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