Masala Chai is a spiced tea whose history spans hundreds and thousands of years. Initially used by King Harshavardhana 5,000 years ago, this tea is still incredibly popular in countries such as India.


Sticky Chai - unlike regular chai - is bound by honey, which enhances the flavour and keeps all of those pesky little spices together. 


Used as an ancient health remedy, chai aids in digestion, is full of antioxidants, AND helps to boost the immune system. What more could you want?!


The flavour of our chai is sweet, creamy, cinnamon-y... and a little spicy! 


Harvest: First, Second, and Third Flush


Tea Cultivar: Mixed


Origin: Naharkatia, Assam, India


Cultivation: Sun-Grown


Processing: Withered, Rolled, Oxidised, Dried

Sticky Masala Chai

  • You can re-brew our Sticky Masala Chai twice before the flavour starts to weaken. This means that by using 5.5g per cup, you can make over 18 brews from this one tube - working out at just 55p per cup!