Welsh Cake Tea

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Prithivi Black Tea

Mr and Mrs Borah are located on the upper bank of the Brahmaputre river valley in Naharkatia, India. Together, they produce a delicious orthodox black tea with long, spindly leaves, and a bold, robust flavour. It is because of this that we chose it to be the base of our Welsh Cake tea.

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Broken Silver Pu'erh

The Yu Family - namely, Yu Pu, Yu Bian, and Yu Fong - are located in the small town of Menghai in Yunnan, China; beside wild, ancient tea forests. Together, these three women create the most beautiful Pu'erh we have ever tasted - so it makes sense that we use their Broken Silver Pu'erh in our Welsh Cake tea! 

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Our spice farmers are located all around the world: Indonesia, Zanzibar, India, Lebanon. Together, they produce the best spices we have ever tasted - grown on small, family-run farms and local women's cooperatives - and we couldn't imagine a better group of people to produce the spices for our Welsh Cake tea.