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Sencha + Hojicha

Garden Maintenance

Help out on our Gokou Matcha farm


Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan

Favourite Tea:

They actually love everything that grows AROUND the tea!

Sencha + Hojicha

We are pleased to announce that in June 2019, two baby Tokarayagi goats joined our Japan farm! Their names are Sencha and Hojicha, and they are the darn cutest creatures you will ever see.

Working alongside the wonderful Akky and Hiro, these pesky blighters help to grow our delicious Gokou Matcha.

They have a lot of responsibility on the farm: namely, eating up all of the grasses and weeds to keep the sustainable tea bushes tidy for harvests. They keep the farmers entertained, they keep the land clean, AND they're excellent guard goats. 

What more could you want from two tea-loving goats?

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Latest Updates

December 2021

May 2021

December 2020

June 2019

Sencha and Hojicha are preparing for their second ever winter on the farm and are loving the sweet, dewy winter weeds!

The rainy season started in Wazuka, and Sencha and Hojicha aren't big fans!! But still, they are weeding the gardens, going on walks through the local tea village, and brightening the lives of the farmers :)

Our two favourite goats celebrated their first ever Christmas at the farm! They were spoilt with all the treats they could ask for, in exchange for their incredible work with weeding the gardens.

Sencha and Hojicha join our Wazuka farm!