The World's First Welsh Cake Tea

Did you know that EISA Tea Co. created the world's FIRST Welsh cake tea?!

It's true! And whilst there have been several imitations on the market since then, we are proud to have created the first, most flavoursome, and most accurate-to-taste Welsh cake tea in the WORLD.

We hope that our Welsh ancestors are proud!

welsh cake tea

What is Welsh Cake Tea?

Welsh cake tea is inspired by the classic cage bach/ picau ar y maen/ cacennau cranc that has been present in every Welsh household since the 1900's.

Welsh cakes have been used as household treats, lunchbox snacks, work break pick-me-ups (traditionally for men as they worked in the mines), weddings and birthdays, and everything in between ever since.

Made from a heavenly mix of flour, sugar, milk, sultanas, egg, and butter, these delicious Welsh cakes are traditionally cooked on a griddle and served with a sprinkling of sugar - often alongside a nice cup of black tea.

world's first welsh cake tea

Who Made the World's First Welsh Cake Tea?

Stemming from a desire to combine our two favourite things - Welsh cakes and tea - we at EISA Tea Co. spent months coming up with the perfect Welsh cake tea recipe.

Using a mix of black tea, sultanas, cacao nibs, pu'erh, and spices, we have managed to create a perfect replica of the delicious Welsh cake.

Ever since the conception of our Welsh cake tea, we have consumed it almost daily. Frankly, we are in love with Welsh cakes and Welsh cake tea, and hope that you love our tea just as much as we do!

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