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Mr. Limbani Chitseko

Spearmint and Verbena Farmer

Curates our wonderful tisanes


Malawi, Africa

Favourite Tea:

Lemon Verbena!

Mr. Limbani Chitseko

Mr Limbani Chitseko is, quite frankly, a legend. We found him through the Msuwadzi Small Holder Tea Growers Association, of which he was one of the first farmers.

Unlike many other farmers, he began to introduce herbs and flowers to his land, so that he could then use them in herbal teas. But he didn't want to produce monocrops - instead, he planted peppermint, spearmint, and lemon verbena, ensuring that the plants could truly thrive.

Mr Limbani has a unique plucking method, where during harvesting season, he uses a 7-day plucking method. This means that the plants aren't over-harvested, and that they have time to recuperate between each plucking. 

Now, he is a fine example within the tea growers association, and shares his knowledge with new farmers. One key difference which makes his plants taste extra delicious is that he picks them all by hand, ensuring that the quality of the leaves is not disrupted.


Latest Updates

September 2021

June 2021

Harvest time for the spearmint and lemon verbena ends. Now, it is ready to be shipped out to EISA Tea Co. and shared with tea lovers all across the globe!

The harvest time for spearmint and verbena begins. Now, the farm becomes real busy!