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Well hey there! 

My name is Amy Aed and I’m the writer and editor of The Tea on Tea, and co-founder of EISA Tea Co. You may also recognise me from the travel site Wandering Everywhere, a couple short articles on the magic of Crohn’s Disease, and that one dating app that hired a bunch of wannabe actresses to pretend to find love in London.

On this page, you can learn as much about the WONDERFUL WORLD OF TEA as your little heart desires. I will constantly be updating the page with super helpful and intriguing articles on this delicious little plant, along with cool facts and legends that I think you'll be interested to learn.

As you can see, Emily and I wear many hats in this small business. I write all the articles, buy all the tea samples, and have deep and emotional heart-to-hearts with our sustainable tea farmers. Emily, on the other hand, does maths, proofreads my stuff, and punches me in the arm when I misspell “sinensis”.