Meet The Team

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Amy Aed

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Writer and editor of The Tea on Tea, tea sample purchaser, organiser of deep heart-to-hearts with our tea farmers.

Emily Knipe

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Meeting planner, tea course enroller, website designer, mathematician.


Interview with the Creators of EISA Tea Co.

First up, who are you?


Emily and I are the two-part ‘dangerous duo’ of EISA Tea Co., an ethical and sustainable tea business focused on ending exploitation on tea farms around the world.


We strongly believe that a cup of tea needn’t be damaging to the environment, the farmers, nor the people that consume it - and that’s why we started up a tea business which operates on a 100% open door policy.


You want to know who our farmers are? Got you.


You want to know our sustainability policy? Fab.


You want to read fun content on your favourite beverage? Well honey, we’ve got that, too!


How did EISA Tea Co. come into being?


The story began on a cold winters day in 2019 in Aberystwyth, Wales. We first met by the ocean as the sun began to set and hundreds of starlings danced silver patterns around our heads, and we shared stories and dreams by moonlight at an old fairytale castle. Later, I invited Emily to my house for a steaming mug of matcha, and from there, the relationship blossomed.


Over the next year, we shared a mutual love of tea and travel, undertaking adventures to the furthest parts of the globe. As we passed through tiny towns and even tinier tearooms, we tasted rooibos and chai and sencha, gathering local stories and legends around tea as they went.


It was all very whimsical… until we undertook our certification from the International Tea Academy. What started off as a useful way to learn more about the tea industry ended with us both absolutely disgusted that so many atrocities went on under our noses - and we decided to change it


We could not understand how tea companies supported slave labour, sexual assault, and exploitation in every other manner, and so, decided to create the perfect tea company.


You want to know the answers to any more questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions!