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There are two things we’re mad about – delicious tea and fair treatment of tea farmers around the world.


Tea is undoubtedly our favourite drink, and the more we've learnt about the beverage, the more we have fallen in love with it. However, the opposite is true for the tea industry - the more you learn about it the worse it gets: from environmental damage to the severe mistreatment of workers. 


We work directly with small family-owned farms across Asia, ensuring that each brew is:


  • chemical-free

  • single-origin

  • lovingly grown in safe conditions

  • supports women in the tea industry


This means that you can enjoy a selection of the world’s finest teas whilst knowing that you’re supporting families across China, Japan, and India. 


And of course, our own business here in Wales too. 

We can hear the kettle boiling already... 

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Our Story

The story began on a cold winters day in 2019 in Aberystwyth, Wales. Amy and Emily first met by the ocean as the sun began to set and hundreds of starlings danced silver patterns around their heads, and they shared stories and dreams by moonlight at an old fairytale castle. Later, Amy invited Emily to her house for a steaming mug of matcha, and from there, the relationship blossomed.


Over the next year, the pair shared a mutual love of tea and travel, undertaking adventures to the furthest parts of the globe. As they passed through tiny towns and even tinier tearooms, they tasted rooibos and chai and sencha, gathering local stories and legends around tea as they went.


In 2020, Amy and Emily both completed their certification from the International Tea Academy, and in July 2021 finally launched the world's best tea company. And so, EISA Tea Co. was born - a little tea-filled haven with awe and appreciation for the beverage at the heart of it all.

Meet The Team

Why We're Different

Traditionally, tea is one of the most exploitative industries in the world - but as massive tea lovers, Emily and I simply couldn't stand by and drink tea that has been picked by people who are being taken advantage of, and that directly contributes to the degradation of our planet and it's natural resources.


1) Who needs plastic these days? We don't want to be held responsible for the demise of the planet, no thank you. We try to keep our plastic usage as low as we can - and we're working hard to reach zero plastic. However, we promised you full transparency and sometimes we receive a shipment that has been packaged in a plastic mailing bag. Additionally, our current logo stickers do peel off a plastic sheet (though we have now found a new sticker supplier and the new ones will be entirely plastic-free!).

2) We stand up for sustainable agriculture! We source our teas from wild tea trees and family gardens, where it's imperative that the land is taken good care of. The trees are fed with delicious mountain water, are naturally pesticide and chemical-free, and the land is never overworked. 


3) Our supply chain is short and sweet. We HEAVILY disagree with the concept of buying from brokers and wholesalers, because not only would this take away the profits from our real heroes (the tea farmers themselves), but all that flying around the tea is pretty bad for the environment.

4) On tea estates, women generally make up the majority of tea pickers while most/all of the estate managers are men. In this environment, there is an uneven power dynamic - many of the women are taken advantage of, and managers withhold wages when the women stand up for themselves. We make sure that our lovely ladies are seen, heard, understood, and protected. Several of our farms are women-owned and the others are family-owned so we can be sure our women are being looked out for even when we can't be there.

5) We are the UK's FIRST vegan sticky chai - which is kind of insane, considering how absolutely delicious it is. We don't quite understand why no one else had thought of it before, but gosh dang it, vegans need good tea, too!


6) We're also a fiercely Welsh business, and love everything to do with our wonderful country. Not only does this mean that we created the world's FIRST Welsh Cake flavoured tea, but it also means that you can often find us hanging around Welsh food festivals and events, loitering outside Welsh magazines angling for a feature, and constantly promoting our beautiful - and yet often overlooked - country. 


7) And a-finally, we're an entirely transparent business. Honestly, ask us anything. We bet we're the only tea company that will give you honest answers 0:)

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