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Free shipping on all orders over £50!

Free shipping on all orders over £50!


Tea is undoubtedly our favourite drink and the more we learnt about the beverage, the more we fell in love with it. However, the opposite is true for the tea industry - the more you learn about it the worse it gets: from environmental damage to the mistreatment of farmers. 

We work directly with small family-owned farms in Japan, China, and India, ensuring that both our farmers and their tea leaves are happy and healthy.


Our mission is to change the tea industry one cup at a time - and it all starts here.

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Tea Pickers

What is tea?

Well, that's a fair enough question. I'm sure we've all thought it at some point, whilst sitting in a cafe or gazing out at a medina in Morocco.


Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, and is enjoyed across all corners of the globe. Whilst the customs and traditions differ greatly between each country, the heart of the ceremony is always the same - a great love and appreciation for tea. Used for personal, community, health, spiritual, or physical benefits, there’s a reason why cultures all across the world can relate to this one beverage.

Farmer at Work